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Madeira Flower Festival 2023 (Full Programme) ⏰

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   All the information you want in one place, so you don't miss a thing. Plan out your festival's schedule Now. 🌺 Portuguese  >>> download  📤 🌼 English   >>>  download  📤 🌸 German >>> download  📤 🌷 French >>> download 📤 🌻 Spanish >>> download 📤 Here are the answers to 12 questions you might come up with during the Flower Festival 👉 ↪ https://luxmadeira.com/12-doubts-about-madeira-flower-festival-you-should-clarify/ (UPDATED ON 23.04.2023)  

Nature is at the heart of Madeira. (Nature Festival 2022)

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Discover it at the Nature Festival. 🎉 The event is open to the public in October (4th through 9th). There will be talks about nature, show-cooking, and tastings of regional products, including Madeira wine, chocolate, rum and bolo do caco (local bread), as well as an exhibition on the Madeira’s Levadas as a World Heritage candidate. 🌎 Whether in the mountains, in the air or at sea, there…

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Hikes in Madeira

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Madeira is one of the best places to hike in Portugal, but many people still take risks without knowing it. So today, I want to share with you some information on hiking in Madeira to help you make the most of it and help you stay safe during your trip. ‍I will also share the best hikes, so you can start planning your trip. Why should you walk…

Golf courses in Madeira

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Is your favourite sport golf? Madeira and Porto Santo are the World's best-emerging golf destinations in 2019 and one of the safest places to travel and play golf at the moment. I'll show you why golfing in Madeira will be your first choice. 16212

Madeira Hand Embroidery

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   I hope this post inspires you and encourages you to seek out Madeira's hand embroidery. The Portuguese arrived in Madeira in the 15th century and brought in embroidery art. Six hundred years later, Madeira Embroidery is still handmade and part of the Island’s culture and history. 16022


Madeira, Melhor Destino Insular do Mundo e da Europa!

Read this in English Temos, seguramente, motivos para festejar na Madeira, recém  eleita “Melhor Destino Insular do Mundo 2016″ pelo World Travel Awards. Este prémio vem juntar-se ao de “Melhor Destino Insular do Mundo 2015″ e aos de “Melhor Destino Insular da Europa 2013, 2014 e 2016". O World Travel Awards é o mais prestigiado galardão do turismo e visa premiar os melhores exemplos de boas práticas no setor. Quer…