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All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now.

🌺 🇵🇹 Portuguese  >>> download  📤

🌼 🇬🇧 English   >>>  download  📤

🌸 🇩🇪 German >>> download  📤

🌷 🇫🇷 French >>> download 📤

🌻 🇪🇸 Spanish >>> download 📤

Here are the answers to 12 questions you might come up with during the Flower Festival 👉 ↪ https://luxmadeira.com/12-doubts-about-madeira-flower-festival-you-should-clarify/ (UPDATED ON 05.05.2022) 🌸🌺🌻🌷🎶

I’m OFFERING a simple PDF (1-sheet with the entire programme) to download. Fill out the contact form below to receive it.

If you do not see the email in a few hours, please check your “junk mail” or “spam” folders.

Madeira Events - Madeira Flower Festival Parade Can anyone please advise the dates for the Flower Festival next year. Can someone please confirm that next years Flower Festival is May? Does anyone know the date of the Flower Festival next year? What are the dates of next years festival?

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