All You Need To Know About Madeira Atlantic Festival

This post contains all the information you want to know about June’s Madeira Festivals 2022. I’ll add content regularly, so be sure to check for updates. (Last updated on 15.05.22).

Hikes in Madeira

Madeira is the best place to hike in Portugal, but many people still take risks. I will help you make the most of it and help you stay safe.

18 Questions People Are Asking About Madeira Wine

A blog post about the most common questions about Madeira Wine. I hope you find it helpful and helps you choose the wine style that suits you, not to mention the excitement of tasting it someday. Cheers!

Madeira Wine Portugal

There is only one Madeira Island and one wine that can call itself Madeira! “If I went to a desert island, I would definitely take and old Solera or an old Vintage Madeira” – Michael Broadbent, Master of Wine

Madeira Wine Festival 2021 (Full Programme) ⏰

All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now.

Madeira Flower Festival 2022 (Full Programme) ⏰

All the information you want in one place, so you don’t miss a thing. Plan out your festival’s schedule Now. Click on button “Read more” to access your download files

12 Doubts about Madeira Flower Festival you should clarify

Today, I want to share the best advice and answers to all frequently asked questions about Madeira Flower Festival. And you won’t want to miss anything, that’s for sure!

COVID-19 Update (October 15th 2021): Travel Restrictions Relieved

If ever there was a time to travel to Madeira, this is it. But there are COVID-19 travel restrictions you need to know before you go.

Luxury Travel Trends

Today I want to share the recent luxury travel trends with you, which also includes Madeira. This beautiful island in the Atlantic, Portugal, is one of the top luxury travel destinations to visit this year.

Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort

Today I visited Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort, a new project that made me very proud to be Madeiran. It is one of the best agritourism examples


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