Luxury Travel Trends

Today I want to share the recent luxury travel trends with you, which also includes Madeira. This beautiful island in the Atlantic, Portugal, is one of the top luxury travel destinations to visit this year.

Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort

Today I visited Socalco Nature Hotel – Agrotourism Resort, a new project that made me very proud to be Madeiran. It is one of the best agritourism examples

Botanical gardens in Madeira

“Botanical gardens in Madeira” is a title used only by specific gardens which meet certain criteria. Although we have many gardens in Madeira, the designation “botanical” is used by only one. But first, let me explain the origin of our vegetation.

Why is Madeira bread so special?

If you want to try the best food on the island, today I bring you a video of the best homemade sweet potato bread to try in Madeira.

Golf courses in Madeira

Is your favourite sports golf? Madeira and Porto Santo are the World’s best-emerging golf destination in 2019 and one of the safest places to travel and play golf at the moment. I’ll show you why golfing in Madeira is going to be your first choice.

Madeira Hand Embroidery

Madeira embroidery I hope this post inspires you and encourages you to seek out Madeira hand-embroidery in Madeira. The Portuguese arrived in Madeira in the 15th-century and brought in embroidery art. Six hundred years later, Madeira Embroidery is still handmade and part of the Island’s culture and history. I invite you to immerse yourself in […]

Cristiano Ronaldo Airport Madeira Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo Airport Madeira Portugal At present Madeira has no ferry connections from the continent, but It’s easy to get to the Madeira islands. There are direct flights from the main Capitals in Europe to Madeira international airport. Basically, Madeira Group has two islands to choose from: Madeira and Porto Santo. It’s easy to get […]

Where is Madeira Island?

Where is Madeira Island? I often get asked not only where is Madeira, but what is Madeira. So, today, I bring you the answer to help you find it, and I hope it can help you find the best flight to visit us someday.

Madeira will reopen to tourism on the 1st of July – What you need to know (COVID-19)

Welcome back to Madeira From 1 July 2020, Madeira will welcome tourists to the island again, and the compulsory quarantine will be lifted. We are proud of the results, which were achieved after the quick intervention of our government: anyone who did arrive had to spend 14 days in quarantine, resulting in only 90 Covid-19 […]


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