Madeira Food and Drink Tours you should take

Madeira is part of Portugal, but food differs from one region to the other, and so Madeira has its peculiar foods and customs behind it.

What is Madeira Wine? Madeira wine is a rare fortified wine that gets its name from the island of Madeira. On our tours, you will learn about the different types and tastes, when to drink Madeira, how to use Madeira wine for cooking, and how it is made.

Working on a smaller scale, new producers are making both white and red high-quality table wines that you can try by taking our Tasting and Savouring Madeira tour.


Plan a food & wine travel in Madeira

Madeira island is the perfect place for food and wine lovers, and to complete a visit to the island, you have to taste the local specialities.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Madeira, Portugal