Madeira Full-day Walks

Looking up at the mountains and valleys of Madeira, we can’t believe that there are hundreds of hiking trails built by the hands of brave men. Please notice that not all are well-maintained hiking routes.

There are three levels of difficulty – easy, moderate and challenging – for different hikers, and you can choose between half-day and full-day walk tours. All of them are different and can cover levadas, mountains, forest, fields, villages and ocean walks so you won’t miss out on anything.

Difficulty of trails

Madeira Government has divided the recommended trails (PR) into 3 levels according to difficulty:

1. Easy: Easy path that involves little or no uphill and downhill. Suitable for all ages and state of fitness. You’ll still enjoy scenic views.

2. Moderate: Medium difficulty, suitable for adults on average to a good state of fitness and a head for heights. Sudden changes in gradient (uphill and/or downhill), and/or course along a narrow, steep, or rough terrain.

3. Challenging: High difficulty. The route involves hiking uphill and/or downhill, and difficult terrain (and/ or: rough, slippery, narrow, steep). Suitable for adults in good to an excellent state of fitness. Or it can be challenging in its distance – more extensive routes of over 18 kilometres (11 miles) for example. You must be fit and have a head for heights.

Choose only the ones suited to your standard of fitness and experience, wear suitable clothing and walking boots, and take your mobile telephone with you. Better still join a group of walkers and go with a guide.

Check with your tourist guide or local organiser that it is safe to visit before setting off.

Why us?

We help you spend a great time during your holidays in Madeira.

We welcome families with children and tour groups.

We make sure that everyone has a comfortable walk making convenient stops before and after the hike.

In addition, we offer free pickup at hotels and harbour in Funchal.

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