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Hikes in Madeira

[wpseo_breadcrumb]   Madeira is one of the best places to hike in Portugal, but many people still take risks without knowing it. So today, I want to share with you some information on hiking in Madeira to help you make the most of it and help you stay safe during your trip. ‍I will also share the best hikes, so you can start planning your trip. Why should you walk…

Walk Caldeirão Verde

Highlights Join us on this wonderful Caldeirão Verde walk along a Levada. The breathtaking views, the unspoiled forest, the waterfalls and the refreshing air make this hike a must-do of Madeira. Holiday Type Hiking, Walking & Active Activity Level Challenging 5/8 Relationship status 8602

Walk Pico Ruivo & Queimadas

Feel you are on top of the world! Highlights The walk Pico Ruivo & Queimadas combines the fascinating mountains, the historic levadas and the ancient forest in a single day. We’ll show you Madeira’s diversity and stunning scenery. Holiday Type Children, Hiking, Walking & Active Activity Level Fairly Easy 2/8 8572