Ribeiro Frio Portela Walk – Booking

    Ribeiro Frio Portela Walk is a fantastic, diverse Levada for the history of Madeira, flora and fauna, lovely nature, and superb views through remote parts of Madeira.

    from 37.00
    Waterfall in the levada path in Madeira found in walking holiday Madeira.

      Levada do Rei Walk Booking

      Enjoy stunning views & feel Nature at its best. UNESCO World Heritage forest will take you back in time.

      from 37.00
      Lakes of Madeira. 25 Fountains Walk is one of the famous walks around the world.

        25 Fountains Walk Booking

        Extraordinary walk with fantastic landscape and nature with waterfalls and the UNESCO Laurel Forest.

        from 37.00
        Monte Palace Garden Tour in Madeira and Madeira Wine taste.

          Monte Palace Garden Tour Booking

          Stroll around in one of the world’s most beautiful gardens and get an insight into a fascinating collection.

          from 45.00